Technologies and requirements of protection and disinfection in key places during the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak

  • Source:
  • From: Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • Author: The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Response¬†Key Places Protection and Disinfection Technology Team, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), a new respiratory infectious disease, has become an important public health problem. Inappropriate protection and disinfection measures are potential risk factors of transmission and outbreak of NCP in key places. This theme issue is concerned with the prevention and control of NCP. Comprehensive measures and suggestions for protection and disinfection are put forward from perspectives of functional areas in key places, such as hotels, mobile cabin hospitals, passenger transport stations and public transport facilities, environment and facilities, personal protection, operation management system, etc., so as to provide technical support for the prevention and control of new respiratory infectious diseases.

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