Strategy of nursing care on the face skin injuries caused by wearing medical-grade protective equipment


For effective resistance to virus attack and infection, reducing virus transmission chance, it is extremely important for the medical staff and related workers to have their own safe protection. This paper summarizes the development causes, common locations, and prevention ways about the device related pressure injuries on the face resulted from wearing medical-grade protective equipment for a long working time. The paper proposes the nursing strategy for device related pressure injuries and other nursing strategy is proposed to take care efficiently the device related pressure injuries. Meantime, a corresponding nursing strategy is also suggested to deal with the correlative skin diseases during the application of medical-grade protective equipment. These paper aims to provide reference for the prevention of device related pressure injuries and the care of skin-related diseases for clinical working staff, especially to the respectable personnel in front line of fighting against Corona virus disease 2019. Key words: Nursing care; Protective devices; Facial injuries; Corona virus disease 2019; Device related pressure injuries

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