Safety application of novel coronavirus pneumonia antiviral drugs


Three antiviral drugs, including interferon-α (aerosol inhalation), lopinavir/ritonavir (oral medication), and ribavirin (intravenous infusion), are recommended by Diagnosis and Treatment of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (revised version, the 5th ed), which was issued by the National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China and National Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, clinical trials on a new antiviral drug — remdesivir which is not yet on the market has also been launched in China. Medication safety related data on treatment for infections of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, middle respiratory syndrome coronavirus, human immunodeficiency virus, lopinavir/ritonavir, and ribavirin, safety data of remdesivir in animal experiment, phase I clinical trials and clinical trials of treating Ebola virus infection, and preliminary reports of treatment in novel coronavirus pneumonia were briefly reviewed, aiming to provide evidence for clinical safety medication. Key words: Coronavirus infections; SARS virus; Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus; Antiviral agents

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