Health protection guideline of passenger transport stations and transportation facilities during novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak

  • Source:
  • From: Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • Author: The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Response¬†Key Places Protection and Disinfection Technology Team, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


During the coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak, the transportation industries are faced with the more burdensome tasks of outbreak prevention and control as well as ensuring smooth transportation. It is important to organize transportation in order to restore the order of production and life, ensure the normal economic and social operation, and control the outbreak in the whole society. From the perspective of health, this guideline puts forward technical requirements on the operation management, personnel requirements and health protection of passenger transportation places such as aviation, railway, subway, bus, taxi, ship, etc., which reduces the impact of the NCP outbreak on the transportation industry and personal health risks.

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