Health protection guideline of mobile cabin hospitals during Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NPC) outbreak

  • Source:
  • From: Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • Author: The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Response¬†Key Places Protection and Disinfection Technology Team, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


This guideline is applicable to the health protection requirements of large indoor stadiums which are reconstructed as treatment sites for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NPC) patients with mild symptoms during the outbreak. Focusing on the health emergency scenario of severe virus infectious diseases and atypical places where NPC patients with mild symptom gather, from perspectives of functional zones, hygiene facilities, personal protection, and management system, health risk protection recommendations and countermeasures are comprehensively proposed to mainly protect staffs and surrounding environment. The implementation of this guideline will provide technique support for emergency requirements of indoor stadiums reconstructed as mobile cabin hospitals.

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