Introduction to The Website

About Us

COVID-19InfoAid is a non-profit organization launched by Chinese volunteers in order to support global COVID-19 response by information and knowledge management. Since the pandemic outbreak, a large number of relevant papers have been published by Chinese doctors on the frontline to summarize their experiences with the disease. However, most publications are in Chinese language with or without an English title/abstract. We set up this website in order to share the knowledge with those who are in great need but cannot read Chinese. Hopefully we can provide some support for your battle against COVID-19.

About the Website

This website is maintained and updated by volunteers. We will try our best to keep the information up to date with the Chinese Medical Journal Network. Some of the information in the articles may be incomplete for now, but we are working on filling in them as soon as we can. If you find any problems or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a message for us!

To contact the corresponding authors of the articles, please leave a message for us using the “Discussion” function at the bottom of the page. Please fill in the titles of the articles, your identity, and your contact information. We will send you the information of the corresponding authors over email.

Information Sources

All resources on our website come from an academic platform (, which was set up together by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health Commission, China Association for Science and Technology, and Chinese Medical Association. The platform keeps updating COVID-19 related academic resources mainly from domestic biomedical journals. For the purpose of efficiency, some articles are peer-reviewed preprints.

The resources can only be used for reading, studying, and research. Anyone who intends to use them for commercial purposes shall be authorized by prior written approval of copyright owners.


For articles without original English title and/or abstracts, such information was translated by volunteers. It is noteworthy that our volunteers are mainly medical students and doctors, and we do not guarantee the translations are 100% accurate. Therefore, if you are strongly interested in one particular paper, please contact us or the authors for more information.